17 & 18 October 2017 · Olympia Conference Centre, London

Call for Speakers
Call For Speakers
If you would like to be considered as a speaker please click here to submit your ideas.

Call for Speakers

Super-powered libraries: innovation, influence, impact

Celebrate your information super powers!

Information Today invites you to submit your ideas for this year’s Internet Librarian International (ILI) – the library innovation conference.

ILI attracts hundreds of library and information professionals from around the world to exchange ideas, knowledge and experience. We’re seeking fresh new case studies, great stories, personal experiences and lessons learned from the ideas, strategies and practical implementations you’ve put in place to make a difference to your organisation, clients and communities. 

Click here to submit your ideas.

Our programme focuses on real-world innovation.  Send us your ideas on a wide range of topics, including but not limited to: 


The post-factual world – in an age of mis-information, what can information professionals do to fight the fake?  How can we market ourselves as the solution?  How can we become champions of fact-literacy?  How can we succeed against a disregard for established facts?

  • how can libraries help vulnerable user groups (journalists, migrants, activists etc) avoid being tracked online? How can libraries facilitate knowledge sharing about encryption, secure apps and mass surveillance? 
  • how can libraries go beyond customisation and inspire/help users find books and information outside their own bubble/comfort zone?

Tech trends – libraries have a great track record when it comes to harnessing new tech to help create new products, reach audiences and deliver real impact.  This year why not share your experiences of or plans for:

  • Live video/live streaming
  • Analysing/monitoring video content
  • Podcasting
  • Virtual reality
  • Cloud computing
  • Augmented tech
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Blockchain
  • Social messaging/dark social /peer-to-peer messaging
  • Real-time responsiveness
  • New tools, gadgets and devices

Content initiatives – from open content, open collections and open access; actionable data and digital storytelling to new formats, messaging, and the increasing popularity of audio-content, tell us how you are being creative with your content, collections and catalogues. 

Developing audiences – share your experiences of finding new audiences, building loyalty and collaborating with users and providers. How has your work connected communities or created peak-performing public libraries? How have you supported the research process or worked with academics? Has your library been key to organisational success? Are your skills being used to drive new business or to enhance customer experiences?  Have you been focusing on UX?

Back from the brink – this year we want to share uplifting stories of information services and libraries recovering from disaster or overcoming the odds.  Was your library threatened with closure – and what did you do to ensure your service and products were valued and valuable? Have you recovered from fire, flood or other disasters to deliver an even better service to your audiences? Please share your good news stories with others.

Information in society – share your ideas and thoughts about influencing at a global level or local level; developing digital skills in the wider population, or amongst specific user groups.  Have you been working with new partners, or in interesting ways, to help promote the importance of information, data and collections?

Service and space redesign – we are interested in your experiences of new and reconfigured library spaces– physical and virtual. Have you created an inspirational study environment?  Have you redesigned your library space – or even built a new one?

Search and research tips – search and discoverability remain key topics for our conference programme.  Share any experiences you have of developing search tools, developing search skills programmes and improving discoverability of your content.

The changing role of information professionals – tell us about what new skills sets have really made a difference to you and your service. Has your organisation created new roles and new team structures to help you meet business challenges?  Have you designed new, successful ways of working with your colleagues and customers? Share your experiences with your peers.

Other innovations – we want to share as many innovative library stories from around the world as possible – don’t let our suggestions limit your thinking! 

Click here to submit your ideas.

As always, we welcome contributions from all types of libraries and info pros - public, academic, government, national, third sector or corporate libraries - as well as those working outside a 'traditional' library setting.

The majority of talks at ILI are usually short case studies of 15 minutes in length. Speakers are matched with one or two others to create themed sessions. But we do like to mix things up a little too.  So, let us know if you think you have a great idea for a full day workshop; a half day workshop; a one hour mini-workshop; a 25 minute mini keynote.

This year we’d like to experiment with an even shorter, sharper format – so please let us know if you have an idea for a seven-minute sharp-shooter session.  Or why not let us or if you have an idea for an alternative format to share your presentation. 

The submissions deadline is 14 April 2017, but don’t delay.  The sooner we get your submission, the earlier we’re on the road to sharing your expertise and learning from your experiences.

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